Bloomberg reported that online gambling store 888 Holdings is looking for ways to attract US investors, including the possibility of listing in the United States.

According to Bloomberg News, CEO Itai Pazner said that the company is also considering establishing partnerships with European operators and suggesting any acquisition opportunities. The attractive valuations brought by American investors make the market vital to the London-based company. In addition, 888 is always looking for media and brand deals to consolidate its position in the US market.

Bloomberg also reported that in the past year, 888’s stock has risen 400% because online gambling gained new popularity during the pandemic, which gave people plenty of leisure time. Since the Supreme Court legalized sports gambling in 2018, this has promoted the development of the industry in the United States.

Padzner said that at present, the company is focused on expanding its business and does not want to make any decisions immediately. He said: “We are in contact with bankers and consultants, and there are many ideas in the pipeline.”